Buffy/Star Wars con’t
Number 4: These Aren’t the Nerds You’re Looking For
Episode: 6:4
Air Date: October 16, 2001
Title: “Flooded”
Screenplay: Jane Epensen & Douglas Petrie
An angry demon confronts Warren, Jonathan, and Andrew in their basement lair and demands the Slayer’s death. At first the boys refuse, but when the demon threatens their lives, Warren says, “Whoa, big guy, let’s back thing up a parsec.” Even after the trio vote not to give up the Slayer, Warren slips the demon Buffy’s address while pretending to give him the bad news. Jonathan and Andrew are impressed.
Jonathan: “How’d you make him do that?”
Andrew: “Yeah, what are you, some kind of Jedi?”
Warren: (shrugs)”The Force can sometimes have power on the weak-minded.”
stay tuned…
Andrew and Jonathan nod and go “Hmm” in awe.