Star Wars/Buffy con’t

Number 7:Yoda Man
Air Date:September 29, 1997
Title:“School Hard”
Screenplay:David Greenwalt (Story by Greenwalt and Joss Whedon)

In the first episode, smooth British vampire, Spike (James Marsters) crashes Buffy’s parent-teacher night and confronts Angel (David Boreanaz). Here he seems to know at least a little something about Star Wars, but later we discover that he’s not a true fan (see #2).

When we point out this seeming discrepancy, Drew Greenburg responds, “Yoda’s the classic icon. And [Spike] is 180 years old. He’s got a lot in that little brain of his. He can’t have access to everything at every moment. He’s going to forget somethings from time to time.”

Sounds like he’s telling it from a certain point of view…”

Spike(to Angel):”You were my sire man…You were my Yoda!”

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