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Homemade Christmas Presents

I want to say “it’s that time of the year again”, but in truth, I should have been on the ball a few months ago. I was just to busy feeling miserable. So as usual, I am trying to plan a Christmas list, that falls within a budget, that contains more objects that will last a bit of time and have sort of creative benefit, that won’t break that day, and after all that, the kids will actually like.
Yesterday I stumbled on these patterns:
Felt lunch patterns
Chinese Take-out felt pattern
Felt tea set
I am not sure how many of these sets I can churn out by Christmas (probably like one), but they are just darling! I think that and perhaps a little taffeta, princess dress-up dress, and the 2-year old girl is covered. Boys are not as easy.

This looks nifty: an Idea Rolodex

Where to you store your great ideas? Do you tear out magazine articles and store them in a big binder? Do you jot down book recommendations and restaurants to try on Post-Its? Or do you just keep in all on file in your head?
Last week, I was perusing a fun paper arts store and admired a sample altered Rolodex file. I decided that I must make one of my own. I had to have one….
Mine is a place I can jot down ideas for everything from seasonal day trips and recipes to try to family traditons and scrapbook pages I want to make. I intend to fill it up with recommendations and all kinds of notes on things I want to do. And then we’ll get out there and do them!

Oh, I Wish I Had Thought of That!

This adorable Father’s Day Quilt!
Maybe next year…

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