Preach It!

Denver Archbishop: Planned Parenthood Offends Minorities A new Planned Parenthood clinic in a minority neighborhood of Denver should be taken as an offense, affirmed the archbishop of the city. Archbishop Charles Chaput said this at a prayer vigil and march at the site of Planned Parenthood’s new clinic in a primarily Latino and African-American suburb… Continue reading Preach It!

Danielle Bean: “Are We A Pro-Life People?”

Danielle Bean has an excellent article over at Inside Catholic that I so needed today. I read this and I started to cry: When a battle-weary mother stands alone in her bathroom looking with disbelief at two tiny pink lines on a pregnancy test, it’s too late for family-planning discussions of clinical effectiveness. We’ve got… Continue reading Danielle Bean: “Are We A Pro-Life People?”

What Does It Means to Be a “Catholic Community”

Whenever I hear the term “Catholic Community” I bristle. It is a common, “trendy” term in this diocese. Many parishes have huge gold-leaf signs declaring “(add Church name), a Christian Community in the Roman Catholic Tradition”. That always leaves me wondering “Huh? Are they Catholic? Why not simply say ‘Roman Catholic Church?’” instead of automatic… Continue reading What Does It Means to Be a “Catholic Community”