Thank You

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I wanted to drop a note and say thank you for all your love, support and generosity...and PRAYERS! You cannot imagine how much it is helping me. There are times I just feel so. alone. going through all this and then I read your kind words...

I suppose I can't relay too many details, but the prayers are for discernment, strength and guidance and I still am not sure where I am supposed to be from one minute to the next. My family still keeps me just as busy as they did last week and that's always a given. There's more to come, that's for sure, but right here, right now, this second, I'm doing OK and that has a huge part to do with the kindness and support I have been shown. Not even exaggerating. Thank you.


We'll keep praying, you keep going.

I am a little late in getting the news. I will be praying for you and especially for all your kids.

Love in Christ,

Jane Duquette

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