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Over the years, St. Anthony has located many lost items for my family and friends, often in rather creative ways. Yet there are some things that are never found...

A nice article on how St Anthony of Padua, whose feast day is today, became the go-to saint for finding lost things.

P.S. Saint Anthony, Hammer of Heretics, Doctor of the Church, Friend of Jesus, please help me find that special pen that went missing in April, and count it not among the Objects that Should Stay Lost. With sincere hope, your little sister in the faith, Peony Moss

but they were ON MY DESK

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Dear, dear Saint Anthony, PLEASE help me find Paul's school pictures!

Your faithful correspondent,

Tony, Tony Come Around

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My husband, for the second time in a week, (and in his life} has misplaced something. A relative sent Rosey Posey a $100 check as a Christmas gift, and my husband put it somewhere thinking he put it in his wallet to take to the bank. It did not turn up in his wallet and no one knows where it is. My pride would hate to have to call them to tell them to sto payment on the check because it is from people we do not speak to.

update: Lost the check-my husband thinks it fell out of his wallet while he was out and he felt very bad. He told me to call as not to take any chances that it falls into someone else's hands. This prompted a long overdue communication I think because our prayers do not go unanswered, just not always answered the way we think they should and St. Anthony has been pretty good to the Sleepy Mommies.

Dear St Anthony...

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I come to you today in my role as intercessor. Hambet has misplaced two toy trains. We've looked in all the usual places, to no avail. Please help!

Your devoted client,
Peony Moss

UPDATE, 12/19: One of the trains has been found (happily, the special favorite that gets taken to bed every night.) The other one is still missing. Hambet seems unperturbed. I'm not sure whether this is healthy detachment or a sign he has too many trains. Perhaps both.

UPDATE, 12/21: The other train has been found -- by Hambet! Yay! And my cell phone did not stay missing for long either -- hubby knew right where it was when I called him, so it turned up before I could post my petition.

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