So Sleepy I have the

So Sleepy

I have the flu. I am a horrible sick person. I hate being sick (like anyone loves it). I would give anything to climb into bed, but the little ones keep me up. Posco (yes a common name among us Mosses of the Shire) the 7 year old and Fastolph (3 year old) fight continuously. I stopped to think about how miserable I felt, and how I wish I could go to bed. It then occured to me how blessed I am that my big problem of the day is that I have these children to tend to. More like a blessing and a great occasion for penance.

My husband, Polo Moss, told me not to worry about cooking tonight. With the realisation that I had an opportunity to do penance, I made pizza dough, and it got all smooshy and pasty. Oh well, maybe I will skip dinner making penance tonight…