Some quotes from the article

Some quotes from the article:

Obstetricians tended to view pregnancy, especially early pregnancy, as a disease state, and their only patient the mother.

They forgot that although premature babies are now considered human, 18th century English common law classified them as “monsters” with no right to an inheritance.

So we actually have come farther in recognising babies are people too? Jinkies.

Ok, maybe it’s me, but what I do not understand is out of all the types of people in the world, babies are the easiest to love, get along with, cheapest, easist to transport and are really cute.I am missing something…

Although, today, they are not referred to as “monsters”, people are allowed to kill them before they were born, when they are here, people spend a great deal of money and brain energy trying to find ways to get away from them. Then everything else caters to the recreation of teenagers. Ugh. Backwards…