Prayers for Our Guys Overseas

My brother sent me this email yesterday which kind of freaked me out. Be warned, it is a bit disturbing, so if all you need to hear is “those guys really need our prayers and support”…you get the picture:

Viewing the other marines or other people is something you do because you want to see how everyone is doing.
Larry* came the other day, I feel real bad for him. They stuck him at this camp in the middle of no where with just him and this other marine. He told me he would go on top of the roof and he could see right outside the wire and it will be very quiet all the time. The marines back in 2003 plowed that whole village down and built a base on top of it. Larry got really affected from KV by being alone because he had to live and watch the post office that was his duty. So he told me he would get scared because the post office was an easy target and it was just him and the other marine. Larry will send the marine home to another section on base while he would stand duty every night. At that time he would get very lonely. Anyways they moved him to TQ where i am at. He comes to me and tells me all of his problems. I feel really bad because he looks very depressed.
Larry moved in with me and wouldn’t leave me alone he followed me everywhere, needed someone to talk to we stayed up till 0200 talking. Finally he fell asleep and I am up writing this. Loneliness can be very hard and it affected Larry.
Please pray for George* he is having his first child in May and came here to support his family because Marines get paid more when they are out here. The other night George* had duty and the Marine living next door to him shot himself. George* was ordered to clean up all of his remains and it really affected him. He hasnt been the same and he needs our prayers.
Baghdad is getting hit real hard, real hard just look at the news. The other day I saw these Marines talking and one of the Marine was depressed because his mom is dying and he wants to be there with her. Anyways Billy Blanks came today the tai bo guy and this morning i saw him when I was walking to work, he looked at me and I looked at him. We both nodded at each other and I walked on to go to work. The other night this marine sang a song being out in the dessert. He was a grunt singing about his friends dying in front of him and being trapped in this hellish land. This Marine also sang about his son who is 5 years old and his son wrote him a letter. The letter said “I miss you daddy a lot, don’t worry about us I am taking care of mommy for you and I love you.” I hear a lot of people say well it is your choice that is why we are here right? Yes it is our choice but this choice is about sacrifice so you can sacrifice yourself so your loved ones wouldn’t have to do what you do.

*changed names to respect privacy