Spinach Lasagna

Let’s see, I boiled about 12 ounces of lasagna noodless (I use whole wheat spinach lasagna I get form my co-op). When it is done, I lie it out on either a piece of plastic wrap sprayed with cooking spray or a piece of wax paper. I sauté about 2-3 cloves of chopped garlic and… Continue reading Spinach Lasagna

Healthy Home Air Stuff In

Healthy Home Air Stuff In my continuing quest to help my son’s asthma, I found some interesting info. One page I found from the American Lung Association offered healthy cleaning alternatives. Alternative Recipes Fortunately, many common products offer safe and effective cleaning solutions to the following problems: Grease cutter – 1 cup of lemon juice… Continue reading Healthy Home Air Stuff In

New Routine Now that my

New Routine Now that my 18 month old has “severe” asthma, I have to keep him on a variety of medications which makes me nervous. Do not get me wrong, I am very grateful for the fact that there are medications to give him the ability to breathe. I fully understand that due to original… Continue reading New Routine Now that my

allergy stuff I have to

allergy stuff I have to rethink the way I feed my family. My boys seem to suffer from allergies, but I am at a loss. Last June, I went on this major crusade to cut out all foods that could cause allergic reactions, which meant basically an Ezekial bread wrap with some veggies. No, that… Continue reading allergy stuff I have to