I am making eggplant parmagiana for dinner tonight (Wednesday-no meat). I make it by baking the eggplant after I bread it with eggs and bread crumbs. My grandmother makes it really yummy by breading it first, then dipping it in the egg and frying it with lots of olive oil. I am not an accomplished cook when it comes to frying.
I think I will send my dh tonight to buy the bread from Prinzo’s-the around the corner Italian bread bakery-because I do not feel like making it tonight.
I find Italian so easy to make. Once about every two months, I make a large pot of gravy, a regional Italian-American word for tomato sauce, and can it in about 8 pint sized Ball jars and store them in the cupboard. I always have gravy around this way.
Maybe I will send hubby for some wine too…