Pro-Life Groups Object to Sharpton Speech at Catholic Church

Initially, Pfleger’s introduction of Sharpton centered on the protestors outside.
“Let me say first to all those protesting outside,” said Pfleger, “Welcome. I’d love to have them come in and hear Rev. Sharpton.” With parishoners applauding, Pfleger then asked ushers to go outside and invite the protestors in. None accepted the invitation.
Pfleger also referred to “hundreds” of e-mails and calls he received “of hate and threats” but said he loved those people anyway, adding that those who sent the messages “are going to have to answer for that some day.
“I also know that if Martin Luther King was alive today and going to speak,” said Pfleger, “they would oppose him, too.” Pro-life groups disagreed, citing MLK’s pro-life views on abortion.

Of course, people protesting Al Sharpton speaking at a Catholic Church is really because they are anti-black, not pro-life. He sees right through us (I wasn’t there to protest, but I did protest by sending an email to the diocese and whined a lot via this blog) we are not outraged by the slaughter of innocent babies, we are all white racists (even those of us who are black).

Even the comment about MLK, can we please have some perspective here? Now poor MLK, is not alive now to defend himself, and I do not want to overshadow his positive views on integration, but he would not have been appropriate to homilise at a Catholic Church either-he was a Protestant minister, an adulterer and he spoke at Margaret Sanger’s funeral. If his life continued the same trend, I may have written a letter to the diocese about allowing MLK to homilise at a Catholic Church also-who knows?