Racism breeds denial breeds racism
An interesting article on Catholic Exchange on Why Jews and Blacks vote Democrat. I am glad the author, Dennis Prager, has an answer for the question because I can’t figure out how two groups of people who carry not so distant memories of the Holocaust and slavery would vote pro-choice for the life of me.

I think this point is very interesting (emphases added):

The black memory in question is of white racism. It seems obvious that many African-Americans carry a residual anger against whites and against America as a result of centuries of slavery and racism. They therefore vote for the party most associated with policies (such as affirmative action) ostensibly designed to fight racism (meaning, always, white racism), and which frequently condemns alleged ongoing white racism. And blacks vote against the party they perceive as denying that America continues to be racist, the party that opposes race-based policies, and the party that celebrates America as if it isn’t a racist country.
The problem with these memories is not that they are inaccurate; it is that they are no longer accurate. And they therefore paralyze the two groups who hold onto these memories — Jews and blacks

Now, in all fairness this article is only part one, part two due next Wednesday (pooh). I am curious as to what he means by “no longer accurate.”
The problem with the liberal agenda regarding racism is that it takes the attention away from true acts of racism and to be honest, creates them. A white person who never gave a hoot as to who is what ethnicity I am, sure must get really upset at the notion that all whites hate blacks, and therefore we must put safeguards in place in our school systems, jobs etc. to insure blacks aren’t victimised by acts of racism. I would. Now you have a bigger rift between blacks and whites. The flip side of that is racism does exist in this country. I have had swastikas drawn on my front door, people do look at us and grab their children or their purse when we walk by, we have been refused seating at a restaurant, refused rental to an apartment after we were promised over the phone, I have been told when I asked a sales person for help “well, that is expensive…” So I am looking forward to seeing what Mr. Prager means by “no longer accurate.”