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Harry Potter and the O-Scale Hogwarts Express

A comment from the delightful Harry Potter thread at dear Mr John C. Wright’s blog:

It’s at times like this that one sees the real value of the world’s greatest pastime: model railroading.

Model railroading teaches its practitioners useful skills and knowledge ranging from engineering to carpentry to history to geology. It also teaches one the ability to find transcendent beauty and joy – the magic of which John speaks above – in such mundane sights as a steam locomotive switching a cut of hopper cars into a coal tipple.

And there are no spells or incantations involved, although the level of esoterica required to become proficient could be considered excessive.

Harry Potter and the Deathless Meme

L’Osservatore Romano ran a positive review of Deathly Hallows part 2, and LifeSite News is running an article about Michael O’Brien’s criticism of it. It’s the same old stuff, fluffed up with a few new cherry-picked lines presented totally out of context.
My impulse to write some kind of detailed rebuttal lasted all of about two seconds. Does that make (or prove) me a lazy blogger or a prudent one?

So Harry Potter, again.

Priests will soon be ‘inundated’ with exorcism requests, asserts author

“Soft forms of occultism are like Wicca and New Age,” he explained, adding that “Harry Potter contributes to that with over 400 million books being sold.” The popular book series, he claimed, has helped educate “younger generations in the language and the symbolism of the occult.”
Although many young people have treated the books merely as “entertainment,” he observed, “it actually leads them more deeply into occult practices.

I have a lot of respect for Fr. Euteneuer, so I don’t want to undermine anything he has to say, but I can honestly say that I have sadly, known many people who have opened the door free and clear for Satan in their lives, and I can’t think of one who did so via Harry Potter. Sometimes I wonder if people get so caught up in issues like Harry Potter and dress wearing because they are easy roads to take in our spiritual lives. Or maybe I’m not that wary of Harry Potter because even though I enjoyed it, I thought it very silly and the people I associate with find it equally silly.
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