Harry Potter and the Deathless Meme

L’Osservatore Romano ran a positive review of Deathly Hallows part 2, and LifeSite News is running an article about Michael O’Brien’s criticism of it. It’s the same old stuff, fluffed up with a few new cherry-picked lines presented totally out of context. My impulse to write some kind of detailed rebuttal lasted all of about… Continue reading Harry Potter and the Deathless Meme

Aggie Catholics: An Open Letter to Catholic Politicians

We are Catholic and we are American. You will be in our prayers and we promise to pray for you as you serve us. Our nation is struggling financially, yet we still have hope that things will get better. Yet, we believe that the nation’s recovery should not come at the cost of the principles… Continue reading Aggie Catholics: An Open Letter to Catholic Politicians

stupid spammers

Evildoers make life so inconvenient, don’t they? First we had to take off our shoes. Then we had to start producing IDs to buy the good over-the-counter decongestant. And now it’s the comments policy. Pansy and I are sick of those dirty parasitic spammers, so until we can make other arrangements I’m going to have… Continue reading stupid spammers


apologies — I started messing with the template and realized too late that I shouldn’t have. I beg your patience until I can get this back together again.

Tag! I’m it!

Four Jobs 1.Sales girl @ Piercing Pagoda in Quakerbridge Mall 2.Acme Supermarket Checker 3.Infant Caregiver at a daycare 4. Cashier at Burlington Coat Factory Four Movies I Would Watch Over and Over: 1.Patriot 2.Signs 3.LOTR 4.Knight’s Tale Four Places I Have Lived: 1. Bronx, NY 2. Lawrenceville, NJ 3. Pacific Harbour, Fiji 4. New Orleans,… Continue reading Tag! I’m it!