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My MIL, The Queen of Great Ideas

So my mother-in-law who is naturally outraged about our upcoming new arrival, told my husband that she had a great way to look at this.
“You know,”she told my husband “since you and Pansy are fertile, Pansy can sell her eggs and get $50,000 for them!”
“No, she’s not doing that. Besides, she’s too old.”
Thanks for straightening that out, Hon. (No, I am not annoyed at him, but something about being reminded that you are suddenly “too old” never sits well.)
This idea is laughable not only because the obvious Catholic thing, 1. I am too old and 2. the going rate in Albany is more like $3000, not $50,000. It may be more in Central NJ, but I doubt that much more. Why the heck would I sell my eggs without knowing what would happen to my children?
What is slightly upsetting about this is OK, i get that even though my mother-in-law is a baptized Catholic, how many people fall into this category and haven’t got a single clue what the Church teaches. Typical, I know. But there is something slightly (or maybe not so slightly) upsetting about people who are supposed to take a personal interest in you, who butt in to admonish you about your personal choices (home schooling, too many kids) and never ask nor seek to find out what it you believe exactly. I just couldn’t imagine if my son was following a faith that were the reasons behind him making some counter-cultural choices (good or bad), I’d be curious about the roots of those beliefs.

Who’d Thunk?

News flash: having the Olympics in Beijing really is turning out to be a bad idea. First there is the fact that they are um, Communist, then there’s that disgusting One Child Policy complete with forced abortions, their disproportionate capital punishment rates, they eat cats and dogs. And guess what? They hate black people too. OK, I know the last one seems almost laughable compared to the other crimes against humanity, yet it seems like the one people might stand up and notice the most.
Seriously though, why do we do as much business as we do with them? This country is a like a delicious sundae of immoral joy. Every opportunity people try to give them to prove “hey China is not that disgusting, they say “yeah we are, watcha gonna do about it?”
Well nothing apparently. We just continue to support them economically.

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