Quiz: What do Pansy, Peony, and Pope Francis have in common?

(well, besides being from the Western Hemisphere, having special names that begin with “P”, and being baptized into the Mystical Body of Christ?) A devotion to Our Lady Undoer of Knots! Jorge Mario Bergoglio encountered the devotion in Augsburg, Germany and brought it to Argentina, where it’s become very popular. An Argentine goldsmith is planning… Continue reading Quiz: What do Pansy, Peony, and Pope Francis have in common?

Pansy’s father: an appreciation…

…written by her brother: My Dad was a genius. He was very accomplished and highly educated with mutiple degrees. These included a BA from Brandeis in Psychology with a double major in Anthropology, a MA in Psychology from Columbia University, a PHD in Psychology from Stonybrook, and a MA in theology from St. Charles Borromeo.… Continue reading Pansy’s father: an appreciation…

So Familiar

How we made it through my husband’s affair on Salon I walked in the door of a brick building (ironically located in the same building as our marriage counselor) and began crying as soon as I gave the receptionist my name. Moments later a lovely woman at a wooden desk told me my options, explained… Continue reading So Familiar

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