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I Do Have a Life

Yesterday I got the opportunity to meet Alicia and her husband, John. We met them for Mass at Auriesville, and then we went out to breakfast at a local diner (I think an argument can be made that it is the only diner in Amsterdam). I have to say they are genuinely nice people. Not that I thought otherwise, but you spend so much time running into grumpy person, to grumpy person, nice people are a stark contrast.

Rosey Posey was working, so we just had the boys. The two youngest boys behaved like barbarians. They were terrible. I think Fredegar woke up too early. He didn't even giggle at the site of pancakes. My poor husband aspend a lot of time "taking them out". John and Alicia just would pick them up, and tell their horror stories and adventures of raising six kids. They actually enjoyed picking up my boys and pretended they were cute kids. I was impressed that John seemed to love the babies as much as Alicia (I also found it funny that he drove the mini-van and she drove the PT Cruiser).


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A purple mini-van no less. I saw it first at night and it appeared silver. The official color is "light Iris". I received SO MUCH GRIEF when our children first saw it.

There is no presense when I say that you have cute children. There is a saying about "too close to see". We used to wonder whose children people were talking about when they said "they are so well behaved." Been there, done that, bought and burnt the t-shirt so I can say with great assurance. "Cute children."

Active and lively is not a bad thing where children are concerned. It is easier to notice the looks from the "pole up posterior" types and not notice the glances and understanding grins from the others around you!

Your husband is very blessed to have you and those children. I always figured that "carry them out" went with the job description of "dad".

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