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Whenever I see "Albany" and "Catholic" in the same article

I know I should not even read because it is never anything good.

Sep. 07 (CWNews.com) - The office of Catholic Charities in Albany, New York, is pursuing a lawsuit challenging regulations that require insurance coverage for contraception.

"We're being forced to pay for something that represents what we teach against and what we think is sinful," said Michael Costello, a lawyer for Catholic Charities.

To date, the suit has been unsuccessful. Two New York courts have ruled that Catholic Charities does not qualify for an exemption from the law because it is not a religious employer. The courts have noted that Catholic Charities hires and serves people of all faiths.

So if I got a job sweeping the floors at a Hallal Meat Market, and I wanted him to sell me pork chops, can I sue him? I love pork and I'm not Muslim.

Why do people who have such disdain for the Church and Church policies even seek out jobs at places called "Catholic Charities"? My analogy above isn't the best, but the point is, I would not seek employment from a place with a religious affiliation whose rules cannot be reconciled with my lifestyle.

By requiring CC to provide birth control, it is not enforcing a sense of separation of Church and state, it is simply choosing one religion (secular humanism) to override another. I thought the reason why Europeans came to the New World so long ago was to live in a place where that could be avoided.

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Then why not fire all the Protties and Infidels, immediately, is that is an issue?

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