Another Prayer Request

My sister called this morning to let me know that our 93-year-old grandmother is in the hospital. Apparently she had chest pain and shortness of breath. Our mother is with her, so perhaps she’ll be able to give us an update tonight or tomorrow.
At this point, that’s all I know. Grandma still lives by herself (with plenty of people checking up on her) in the farmhouse where she’s lived for over 70 years. Up to now, she has firmly refused to even consider moving. but she has grown much more frail this summer. So I’m not sure where this is going to lead. I just hope it’s not to a nursing home.


  1. Praying here as well.
    Same sort of thing happened to my husband’s grandmother 4 years ago. Boy, was it tough for her to leave the farm, esp. because her husband and her oldest daughter were both buried in the family cemetary there, and she just thought she’d never leave them.
    Bu afer putting her car into the ditch alongside her lane twice in one winter and failing health, she finally decided that moving to town would be okay. It was only 2 miles from the farm, practically right next door to her church and a block away from the grocery store, so she could still maintain her regular schedule without driving. And it was a bit easier for her to keep up with a smaller house and property. In the long run, it was a good thing for her, but she never would have guessed it beforehand.
    Anyway, not just praying for her health but also for her peace of mind and the decision ahead about where she will live after she gets better.

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