What is it about baking soda?!

My baking soda just vanishes now and then. I don’t understand it, especially because the baking cupboard is pretty tidy and that orange box is hard to miss. So where does it go?
It turned up missing at the most inconvenient time today — when I was in the middle of mixing the cookies. Hambet was asleep and I really didn’t want to wake him up and drag him to the store in his PJ’s. But if I waited I was going to lose a lot of time, especially because I was expecting a little playmate for him later in the morning.
I ended up (I can’t believe I did this) pulling the box of baking soda out of the back of the fridge and scooping my 1 1/2 tsp out of that. Don’t worry, it was pretty new and I don’t have a lot of smelly stuff in my fridge. So I got the cookies done (mixed, chilled, rolled, and baked) before the little playmate arrived. And they taste fine.
But why does my baking soda keep disappearing?

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  1. Gnomes, maybe….
    I have the same problem. It was worse when my older son was obsessed with making vinegar and baking soda volcanoes. But we haven’t had a good volcano in ages and I stil have trouble finding the baking soda when I need it. And I try to buy three or more boxes at a time, just to keep us covered… 🙂

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