Adolescent Insights on “BrideZilla”

Rosey Posey:
I just watched three episodes of BrideZilla and enjoyed it, which I am ashamed of because it means there is something wrong with me. But it gives me a positive outlook. First it makes me grateful that I am not marrying someone like that. Second it means I will get married because I now know that no matter how ugly, mean, and shallow you are, there is always someone out there willing to marry you!
So there you go. If you are ever feeling blue, you can remember you are blessed to live in part of the world where people have mostly have food, clothing and shelter. You can remember Jesus loves you to have died for you. Or you can remember you are not marrying a BrideZilla!
Between you and I, I’ll have to pass. I can’t stomach that show or that My Sweet 16, or any of those “it’s my party and I’ll make your life a living hell if I want to,” shows.