Adolescent Insights on “BrideZilla”

Rosey Posey: I just watched three episodes of BrideZilla and enjoyed it, which I am ashamed of because it means there is something wrong with me. But it gives me a positive outlook. First it makes me grateful that I am not marrying someone like that. Second it means I will get married because I… Continue reading Adolescent Insights on “BrideZilla”

I Had the Best of Intentions

When I decided to send my two oldest to school, I figured it was simply time. I had this great, philosophical attitude about the whole thing. I taught them our values, I taught them Church teaching. Heck, I immersed them whole-heartedly for the past 15-13 years in what we believe. It’s now up to my… Continue reading I Had the Best of Intentions

Rosey Posey’s Mother Is Strange

I have to tell you their real names for a second, because this is funny. My daughter, Dree (short for Adrianna) is best friends with another home schooled girl named Bree (short for Brianne). Bree’s family owns a drive-in where Dree works the weekends. Since they work late into the night, Dree often ends up… Continue reading Rosey Posey’s Mother Is Strange