NARAL: The Musical!

With lyrics by Bob the Trousered Ape:

It started with a post at Drawin Catholic:

I’m darkly amused by the picture of a pro-abortion counter-protestor to the March For Life carrying a sign which says, “Won’t Get Laid Without Roe v. Wade”. Why, precisely, does the bearer think that anyone else should be worried by this?

In the comments, then, one Kyle R. Cupp opined, “Such rhythm, such rhyme! Her sign could start the chorus of a hit pop song.”
Like waving catnip in front of a cat…
I’m a girl with great ambition,
Dreaming of a high position:
Who would date a quarterback, a movie star, a politician;
But they don’t get a chance
Of a glance
Into my pants
Unless they meet my one condition,Which is:
They don’t get laid,
No they don’t get laid,
They don’t get laid without Roe v. Wade!