Pro-Life Outside The Mainstream

Good article on how the pro-life movement is bigger and broader than the media and political focus group stereotypes:

The group most important to contradicting mainstream presumption, in my view, are pro-life Democrats. The progressive liberalism dominating the Democratic Party, which includes a rigid litmus test for being “pro-choice,” is a formidable challenge for the pro-life movement, not to mention, an extreme political calculation on the part of Democrats. The conventional political assumption that people who have pro-life views on abortion are “conservative” is nonsense. If the Democratic Party wants to be successful, it will have to accommodate those with diverse views on this issue.

RTWT. Certain forked-tongued Catholics in public life have claimed that voting pro-life is imposing one’s “personal beliefs” on others — implying that those “personal beliefs” are particular religious beliefs and practices, that protecting unborn life is the equivalent of mandating meatless Fridays and the Apostle’s Creed. The broad array of non-Catholic and non-religious groups shows just how silly that excuse is.