We have destroyed the very beauty that women are.

Can we not express our excitement over the things that day in, and day out, they so selflessly accomplish? Can we not keep from questioning whether a woman could have done more? Can we not see that oftentimes, women do much more than you or I could ever, or would even want to do? I can’t speak for you, but as I ponder on the women in my life, a truly lazy or lacking woman has been rare indeed. Men, on the other hand… we have some things to work on.

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  1. I read that article, and I sort of agree with him. I am not one to look at the “perfect women” on the covers of magazines. I hate makeup, and I hate the fakeness. If I have a fault here, it is in finding beauty in all kinds of women of various ages, including my wife.
    But personality is vastly more important. I’ve met physically “near-perfect” women who have unbearable personalities. A beautiful personality can make a woman appear far more beautiful than the stereotypers would make her out to be.
    True of men too. A man can be a “hunk” specimen, but be a total jerk, and what woman in her right mind would want to be near him, no matter how good he looks?
    Any way, as much as many men are at fault for being sucked in by the media and advertising, I blame the media most. They do research for the specific purpose of “designing” people (mostly women) who will sell their products.
    And, frankly, I think the women who do that work, (the models and actresses) are to blame as well. They let their bodies and faces be used and altered by the media, knowing that men are being lured and lied to, and other women are being hurt.
    I’m sure the carrot of fame and fortune are very tempting.
    It is a very, very sad world in many ways. Unbearably so.

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