Two cynical mommies

Pansy, apparently you weren’t the first to be taken in by that deceitful kangaroo; on Friday I was hearing on the radio that there have been many other complaints from parents suckered in in exactly the same way. Apparently the makers of this digitally animated bait-and-switch scam tweaked and snipped and twiddled until they got… Continue reading Two cynical mommies

The True History of Groundhog Day

Over at HMS blog, Duncan Maxwell Anderson explains Candlemas customs –which include Groundhog Day! Who knew? So, why does Candlemas fall on Groundhog Day? Groundhog Day comes from it. In Catholic Europe, they say that if Candlemas is clear and bright, there will be six more weeks of winter. In Germany, this idea became, “If… Continue reading The True History of Groundhog Day

The Moss Thing ok, the

The Moss Thing ok, the Moss thing. A few months ago, Pansy and I were delighted when our hobbit names (Pansy and Peony Moss) revealed that we are kinfolk. My family’s hobbit names are Posco (my dear husband, whose birthday is this weekend by the way) and Hambet (our little son.)

It’s late in the afternoon.

It’s late in the afternoon. My kitchen is a mess, even though I haven’t cooked anything today. The little table and chairs given to my son for Christmas by his loving parents (Husband: “You know he’s just going to knock them over, don’t you?” Peony: “Yes, but when he’s older he can color there or… Continue reading It’s late in the afternoon.