The poison seed

“Each small meanness, each thoughtless expression of hatred, each envious and bitter act, regardless of how petty, can inspire others, and is therefore the seed that ultimately produces evil fruit, poisoning people whom you have never met and never will. All human lives are so profoundly and intricately entwined – those dead, those living, those… Continue reading The poison seed

Catechesis for the Autistic

“Let the little ones come to me”: In order to teach the sacraments to [their autistic daughter] Danielle, Dave and Mercedes turned to a resource that worked for them in the past: the Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS). Children begin by exchanging a picture for a desired item, usually a preferred food. Through this positive… Continue reading Catechesis for the Autistic

“On The Spiritual Attack of our Converts and What to Do About It”

A few weeks ago, Jennifer Fulwiler had a great article at the Register about the spiritual attacks converts may face. I promptly forwarded it to one of my favorite catechists; she commented that she’d also received it from two other people, and she would be SURE to tell her catechumens about it. Dear Monsignor Pope,… Continue reading “On The Spiritual Attack of our Converts and What to Do About It”

Nine possible reasons why God is saying “No”

Another great article by Monsignor Pope of the Archdiocese of Washington: Scripture does give some answers as to God’s delay and to his “No.” And while these explanations may not always emotionally satisfy us, they do provide a teaching which can ultimately assist us in not allowing our sorrow, anger or disappointment to interact with… Continue reading Nine possible reasons why God is saying “No”