Some quotes from the article

Some quotes from the article: Obstetricians tended to view pregnancy, especially early pregnancy, as a disease state, and their only patient the mother. They forgot that although premature babies are now considered human, 18th century English common law classified them as “monsters” with no right to an inheritance. So we actually have come farther in… Continue reading Some quotes from the article

Star Wars/Buffy con’tNumber 9Episode: 6.13

Star Wars/Buffy con’t Number 9 Episode: 6.13 Air Date:February 5, 2002 Title:“Dead Things” Screenplay: Steven S. DeNight As Warren (Adam Busch) pursues Katrina out of his room, Andrew (Tom Lenk) and Jonathan (Danny Strong) fight with plastic lightsabers. This scene might have been inspired by Joss Whedon’s purchase of a lightsaber at the San Diego… Continue reading Star Wars/Buffy con’tNumber 9Episode: 6.13

Buffy/Star Wars con’t: Number 10

i>Evil is So Inconvenient Episode:3:19 (season 3, episode 19) Air Date:May 4, 1999 Title:“Choices” Screenplay:David Fury As her friends discuss what they will do after graduation, Buffy (Sarah Michelle Gellar) complains that the trouble in Sunnydale keeps her from going away to college. Buffy:“Faith’s turn to the dark side of the Force has pretty much… Continue reading Buffy/Star Wars con’t: Number 10

Star Wars and Buffy: The Connection

The February 2003 edition of Star Wars Insiderhas an article which was way too cute called Jedi Knights and Vampire Slayers:The Star Wars/Buffy Connection. To make a long aricle short, it has the Top Ten Star Wars references in Buffy the Vampire Slayer …more to come…

Okay, this is real sick.

Okay, this is real sick. Someone forwarded this link to me, apologised for sending it, but felt the need to share in the horror. Now I am going to do the same thing here. I’m Not Sorry. I stopped being very active in the pro-life movement about 10 years ago. Not that I stopped being… Continue reading Okay, this is real sick.