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Msgr Pope’s eisegisis of a State Farm commercial (plus link to dancing hamsters)

“Hey, Dark Side, get off the car.”
And don’t miss his comments on the soteriology of the Kia hamsters

“What Are Our Pets Really Saying?”

(besides “are you eating something? are you going to share it with me? are you going to drop something to eat on the floor? are you going to walk by the treat jar?”)
Monsignor Pope on the mysteries of pets and the new creation:

Perhaps the mystery of our pets is that they are ambassadors for the rest of creation, a kind of early delegation set by God to prepare the way and the connections of the new and restored creation. Perhaps they are urging us on in our task to make the number of the elect complete so that all creation can sooner receive its renewal and be restored to the glory and harmony it once had. Who knows? But I see a kind of urgency in the pets I have had. They are filled with joy, enthusiasm and expectation of something great….


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