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Muppet Monday: Smell Like a Monster

Ecce, lolMyerz

P.Z. Myers spoof
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Thank Heaven For Little Girls

I am so smitten with his little girl!
Fifi was being annoying while I was trying to cook
Yeah, she seriously needs some hair.
I think it has taken me 6 kids to realize I like this age (18-24 months). I always associate the toddler years with learning the word “no”, and finding new and unique ways to use it. Toddlers means throwing food and potty accidents. But there is another side to this age. They are like still babies, but babies who can communicate a bit better and actually show preferences and affection and even tell silly baby jokes in their own way.
I usually refrain from telling people how great I think my kids are because well, everyone feels that way about their own kids and no one feels that way about other people’s kids. There is always this weird and annoying mother who thinks that the way she feels means there is something so much more incredible and unique about that child, as opposed to this is motherhood. You know, you see her in the schoolyard everyday waiting to pick up your own rugrats, and she has new pictures each day of Trevor and the dog, Trevor at Lake George, Trevor walking into the bathroom, Trevor walking back out of the bathroom, Trevor trying on pants at Gap kids, and oh, look how funny, those pants are too big! But we found the ones that fit Trevor just fine…see here’s the picture. As a result, when I talk about kid stuff and Mommy stuff, I try to keep the conversations relatable and neutral. You know, how you deal with lack of sleep, teenagers being teenagers, boys and boys’ interests, that kind of thing.
But yesterday, Berylla spent the whole day pulling out the stops and being the cutest 20-month-old little girl in the Upstate NY Moss household! First she kept skipping from room to room, then she did so hugging the doll I made her for Christmas saying “awww, Baby. Baby.” Then if you gave her a hug and a kiss she’d giggle. Oh, and she kept showing me her toes saying “Mommy, tink-ee, tink-ee (stinky).” The last one I kept showing my husband to which he looked at me like I had 8 heads for being charmed by this. I told him he has no soul, or heart or both. Rosey Posey informed me that there is nothing cute about her smelling her toes and proclaiming they are stinky. Berylla fixed her when she ran up to her yelling her name with her arms wide open for a hug. I think I even saw Rosey Posey smile.
So what’s a mother to do when no one wants to pay attention to how incredibly awesome her little girl is? Hold people who read my blog hostage of course!
Hi Baby!

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