I Just Gotta Get It Out of My System!

And whining every few hours in the Facebook status block is not enough. The other night I was gagging through doing dishes. It was after supper, which always means I am sicker than before I ate. I break out into sweats, the fatigue worsens, and the nausea just doubles. So here I am expending every ounce of energy I have to get through the dishes and please, please hold down supper. Rosey Posey was at my side yakking about the imperative need to have her hair put in dredlocks right away. I nodded and “uh huhed” through the conversation paying close attention to the task at hand until I heard a chorus of “Mom? Mom? Mom? Can’t you do it? Can’t you do it right away? I read it doesn’t have anything to do with not washing? Mom? Mom? Mom? Mom?” to which I answered “Rosey Posey, please…”
To that she stomped off and tattled on me to her father. What was my dear, and understanding husband’s reply? “Don’t worry, Mommy’s moods will even out in another month.” What the? My “mood”. For crying out loud, this is kid number 7 and after all this time he still thinks this is nothing more than a grumpy spell?
Is there a man out there who “gets” morning sickness? Is there anyone for that matter? How is it every time I go to the OB/Gyn office, they lecture me about eating right. Now mind you prior to having morning sickness, I worked out an hour five days a week, I had no trouble gobbling meals of brown rice and steamed vegetables. Yet I go to the doctor’s office, step on the scale and get a reproachful look from the nurse: “you gained 5 pounds”. The doctor’s reply is always the same, she writes out a scrip to send me to a nutritionist because I obviously need a crash course on the basics of the four food groups. I explain “I am so sick, and my mouth fills up with saliva and it is so gross. The only relief I get is when I eat and the only food I can stomach are cheeseburgers. And I cannot work-out because I only have so much energy. I tried, I walked two miles the other day and I couldn’t keep my eyes open for the rest of the day like I was drugged.” He/she looks at me and nods as if to say “Silly little Hispanic lady,” (remember I have brown hair, therefore I am Hispanic) “we know how you love soda and Kool-Aid and are making excuses for your tons of bad lifestyle habits!”* , and hands me the dang scrip. Aaaaahhhhh!!!
Now tell me, am I alone? Am I the only one who has been in this doctor’s office complaining of morning sickness? Am I the only person who finds relief in eating, and despite knowledge of the difference between a good diet and a bad one, can only choke down a few cheese fries? Am I the only one who gags while brushing their teeth to the point that when it is time, you pace in front of the bathroom to gear yourself up to finally brush? Also, if you don’t you will be gagging because of the taste in your mouth. Or do you have to keep a mask on with some kind of fresh smell to keep from being overwhelmed by the smell of, well, everything? Am I the only one who gets up in the morning, has enough energy to put clothes on, and that’s it. Energy supply spent.Then I sit at the dining room table with my head down hoping to get the energy to fold an item of clothing, or fix the next meal or something else I need to do. Is anyone else totally thirsty all the time, but water seems to burn going down?
Please someone tell me I am not alone because I feel like I am losing, my. freakin’. mind. I am like completely dysfunctional. Yes, I know this will pass and it always does, but it does not last for a day, it lasts like 10 weeks. Do you know what a house with four boys six kids looks like after ten weeks of a useless Mommy? Hint: it ain’t pretty and I hope no one knocks on my door.
And the “expert advice”: “eat saltines”, “don’t drink while eating”, “don’t lie down”, “go exercise”, “don’t eat fried food”, “don’t eat vegetables”. C’mon now, where is the advice for the real human beings? Admit it, ya’ll don’t know what ya’ll be talking about, so you just had to write something on the subject to keep the ‘expert” credentials.
I have been spending an inordinate amount of time on the computer lately because it has me sitting up in the living room (as opposed to lying on my bed) and at least looking at the kids like I am a responsible parent or something. Reading, sewing, all the relaxing hobbies I love and could be doing, make me nauseous.
Rant over, I think…Please if there are any commiserating Mommies reading this, let me know I am not alone.
*I have no idea if that is what the doctor is thinking, but when I am this miserable and the doctor is “hmmm”ing me about a subject they are supposed to know a thing or two about, all kinds of evil and crazy conclusions enter my mind.


  1. No, it’s not just you. I am on #4 right now, and the only advice I ever read that helps is “whatever you feel like eating, eat it.” So if there’s like a 5 minute times span where you think, “You know, I could really eat some KFC mashed potatoes…” RUN and go get some. Or better, make your husband run and get you some.
    There was also something in the same book about how there is often one type of food you can get down (for me it is usually soft things, so that’s the category I remember: yogurt, pudding, mashed potatoes…) Basically,if you can find a category that works for you, get a bunch of food like that to have around when the urge strikes. So basically, use your one hour of the day with energy to go buy food so you can lay on the couch the rest of the day, sending your kids to the kitchen every once in a while to get you a yogurt or something.
    Oh, and I don’t know about you, but any kind of soda makes me feel terrible right now. I’ll pray this passes quickly!

  2. Hi again. I left a comment on the other morning sickness post.
    Hope I am not being repetitive!
    You are not alone. I totally depended on my older kids and husband to keep people fed and the house from falling into squalor. When that didn’t work, (hubby not home, kids not listening), I just did the best I could.
    And I second the “if it sounds good, eat it” advice, but I have heard that protein helps nausea. I could only get down protein powder in smoothies, because meat or cheese killed me.
    Altoids. I lived on those to keep the smells at bay and the bad tastes out of my mouth.
    Had the same problem with brushing teeth too. I switched to non floride tooth paste and it did help.
    I always said, this is the time to call in any favors you might have out there. Needing and asking for help isn’t shameful. Sometimes it is the only way.
    I would have my kids do the dishes, too.

  3. Hope I am not being repetitive!
    You have no idea how much commiserating helps. I also find someone always has some tidbit of info or practical advice you never heard before.

  4. I thought of a few more things. Regarding water, putting a little lemon or lime in it, and drinking it through a straw was much easier.
    Flouride rinse used after brushing can help fill in for an interrupted gag filled brushing session. Helps with the bad taste, too.
    Spelt bread, toasted, with yogurt cheese was another saving grace for me. Spelt has soothing properties for the tummy, so spelt toast with jelly was good, too. I found it at Trader Joe’s, but any health food store has it.
    Hope this helps!

  5. Oh you are so not alone.
    I had the gagging while brushing my teeth thing too. Once I threw up in the sink. My husband was so wonderful, he cleaned up the whole nasty mess. We’d only been married about two months at that point. I knew I’d made the right choice.
    During that first pregnancy I got to the point that I couldn’t even open the refrigerator without throwing up. Every little smell just got to me.
    And then there was the time I was just out of the shower, really hoping it would help me feel better. I found myself dripping wet, heaving my guts out into the toilet and then to add insult to injury the spasms made me lose control of my bladder. Yeesh, that was the low point for my last pregnancy.
    I definitely found that protein helped during my last pregnancy. I had to have protein every time I ate and I had to eat frequently. I saw one bit of advice that said every snack should have protein, carbs and fat in it. So apples with peanut butter, cheese and crackers, etc. I say if cheeseburgers work for you, go for it. It’s only 10 weeks. You’ve been getting great nutrition up to now and you’ll get back on track when you start to feel better. Don’t let the doctors put you on a guilt trip.
    I’ll say some prayers for you.

  6. Oh and also. I spent weeks lying on the couch in the living room doing nothing, dozing while the toddler played and hoping she wouldn’t get into anything while I was passed out. My husband would come home and I’d say sorry, I didn’t do a thing today. Can you fix dinner?
    And trying to read to her made me gag. I was literally sick of The Monster at the End of This Book. There was one day I knew if I read another word, I’d be throwing up. But somehow we survived.

  7. And trying to read to her made me gag.
    Yes me too. The kids want to see Journey to the Center of the Earth, so I said “well, let’s read the book beforehand”. That dang book has been sitting on the shelf for like a month…

  8. I have NEVER had morning-sickness. The worst I have ever had has been just more tired than usual. Gosh, and even that… is nowhere near the total lack of energy you have. So I am completely helpless to help you, and I am one of those people who don’t get morning sickness… although I feel for you. Wish we weren’t so far away, I’d be marching in there to help out…

  9. I feel for you. I’m not currently pregnant, but when I am, I get really sick for a good 3 months (with the exception of my first child, I had “morning sickness” the whole pregnancy–which I later discovered was due to a dysfunctional gall bladder..but I digress…) What makes me so angry is that you really do feel sick and everyone wants to just brush it off as “moody” or “hormonal”. I wish people would take it more seriously. If we had influenza, or measles, the reaction by those around us would be completely different….grrr….I’m just sayin’… If it helps, the one thing I managed to keep down w/ all my pregnancies were green apples.

  10. Hi, I haven’t visited for a while here.
    But you are NOT alone!
    And some doctors need to be shot, that’s just all there is to it.
    I’ll say a prayer for you now.
    God bless

  11. Have you tried ginger? It’s good for nausea and seasickness, usually, especially if you eat little chunks of it. (Or candied ginger.) Of course, your mileage may vary A LOT.
    Maybe you could get somebody to grill you cheeseburgers at home, and get a few less calories that way?

  12. First off, congratulations on the new baby! I’m 13 weeks along right now with my third and I’d like to say a big fat DITTO to everything in your post (except my husband has been a saint doing stuff around the house). I do the exact same thing with throwing up from brushing my teeth or throwing up from the taste in my mouth if I go more than a few hours without brushing! After a shower and getting dressed I’m pretty much shot for the rest of the day, my 2 year old comes and tugs on my shirt and pleads “Momma get up!” when I lay down on the couch and the three year old asks me every morning if I’m still sick. I can’t wait for this phase to pass. I hope you feel better soon!

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