Pansy’s Seven Quick Takes

1. I sewed 40 yarmulkes for my cousin’s wedding! OK, not all this week, but I finished the order. I learned how as I went along. I found a tutorial, but it was little more than a pattern, so there was a lot of trial and error. Here is my Ian modeling the first one.
One hot kippah
The bride and groom have a love of New Orleans culture and the groom is a chef. They wanted a fabric to reflect their personal interests that as opposed to the standard black suede or velvet.
2. I got through another week of simultaneous football/tennis/cross country/karate. We did do McDonald’s one day.
3. My husband and I want to thank you for all the kind responses to my update post . They were amazing and strengthening for both of us.
4. Uh oh, running out of quick takes…I think I folded 22 loads of laundry since Sunday? Can I include that even though it’s standard???
5. Moving ahead in our home school. Since I put the older ones in school a few years back, the youngers have been lagging a bit at the “start”. Totally my fault and my lack of organization skills. I have finally realized that the scenario I had that worked with my older ones does not work with the batch I’m teaching now, so I feel like I’m stating from scratch.
I also decided I can’t continue home schooling anymore. I will continue with the ones now until they reach eighth grade, but the ones from here on out who start school will go into school. I’m getting too old.
6. Almost completely fell off the wagon with the diet and exercise routine, but came back again. I’m at the point where time after time, I go back to my old lazy ways, but I’m keeping up with it.
7. Um, I’m out of ideas. That laundry thing again? Mass amounts of dishes I wash?