Primer mixing: pound-foolish?

The Beltway Mosses are happily settling into our new home (which needs a nickname, I suppose). My husband’s after me to hang pictures, but there are two rooms I want to paint before I hang pictures. So it’s off to Lowe’s this morning, coupons and paint chips in hand. Here’s my question: I have about… Continue reading Primer mixing: pound-foolish?

I’ve decided

I can either clean my home really well or have a really good school day, but not both in the same day. When I try to, I just end up doing both mediocre.

I Think My Children Saved Me

Many members of my family have “issues” (like every other family), and of course gossip stems from these various issues (although I guarantee these days I am the source of plenty of fodder-actually I know I am as I stumbled in a conversation about me and “all those kids”, but that’s another story). One common… Continue reading I Think My Children Saved Me

Warning: Don’t Try This At Home

Trying to be fun and creative while pregnant. I am almost sure my morning sickness is starting to abate…finally! I no longer experience sea sickness from trying to concentrate on things like books, or sewing. I have been able to do my daily minimum of three loads each day. Although don’t ask me to plan… Continue reading Warning: Don’t Try This At Home