Good Morning World!


It snowed. Again. This is the third time in recent weeks that I *thought* the piles of snow were dissipating, spring would be on it’s way soon, snow days would be a thiong of the past. Yes, you know you have had it with winter when you’ve had it with snow days. The first ones are a much needed respite from the normal routine. After a while, all they are is a diversion of responsibilities that cannot be put off. Children, education, chores only work well with routines and too many breaks in the routine just set you back to the beginning. (Wow, I can’t believe I’m saying this.)
It’s nearly impossible to home school the little ones when they are so excited their big brother is home; and when he’s home, the last thing on his mind is school work.
Last week I started taking classes to become a CNA. My husband juggled a lot around to work third shift so I can take the classes during the day, and the home schooling will not be interrupted.I was so burnt out. I was stressed. I woke up every morning at 4 dreading the everyday battle telling the boys to get out their school books and punishing them everyday when they refused. All day, every day. The kids and my husband combo seems to have breathed new life into homeschooling. I come home from class to hear “we did biology, handwriting, math…”
For a brief moment, gone are my daily fears of my eleven-year old spending his life on my sofa eating Hot Pockets and playing video games.
I am enjoying the class as well. My original plan (and still is) was to use this as a stepping stone to becoming an RN. Once I had employment at my local hospital and get into the education reimbursement program. Full time hospital employees who go to nursing school have their education costs covered as long as they promise to work for that establishment. Actually, I’m in a similar CNA program now. My schooling is covered if I work in one of the eight area hospitals or long-term-care homes in the area.
What I did not expect was how excited I would be to become a CNA. Everyday I learn more about the need for compassionate care for the elderly (and the lack of). I can make a small difference in the world.
The cons? My husband’s hours are cut drastically while I’m doing this. If we can hang in there, it will all be so much better later, but in the mean time, I am praying for God to give us a helping hand. I know He will because each day I get another small sign this is what I should be doing.


  1. I have often told my daughters if they feel called to a profession, nursing would be the way to go. It can easily be worked around a family. I had a friend who worked one night a week, after her husband got home, and those five hours paid for all their groceries for the week.

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