“On The Spiritual Attack of our Converts and What to Do About It”

A few weeks ago, Jennifer Fulwiler had a great article at the Register about the spiritual attacks converts may face. I promptly forwarded it to one of my favorite catechists; she commented that she’d also received it from two other people, and she would be SURE to tell her catechumens about it.
Dear Monsignor Pope, who contributes to the Archdiocese of Washington’s blog, also saw that article::

I must say, this article caused me to pause and repent. For I, who know better, have not made it a practice to speak to my Neophytes and Newly Received about this. That has to change. And I also need to extend longer care to those who have newly entered the Church.

I once read a book on the spiritual life in which the author warned that any attempt to grow in love of God could lead to spiritual attack. (Maybe someday I’ll remember which book it was.) So whether we’re new converts or old-timers who are trying to step it up a little — we need to be ready.
Now, have I experienced this myself? I truly don’t know — I’d have to think about it. What about you?


  1. Awww…thanks! I did share and we spoke about spiritual attack and the power of prayer right during our last class of RCIA at the start of Holy Week. Very powerful stuff!

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