Aggie Catholics: An Open Letter to Catholic Politicians

We are Catholic and we are American. You will be in our prayers and we promise to pray for you as you serve us. Our nation is struggling financially, yet we still have hope that things will get better. Yet, we believe that the nation’s recovery should not come at the cost of the principles… Continue reading Aggie Catholics: An Open Letter to Catholic Politicians

NPR: Broadcasting excellence

Juan Williams: “…let me tell you what you can say on National Public Radio without losing your job. Nina Totenberg wished that Senator Jesse Helms and his grandchildren would get AIDS — I said would get AIDS. She’s still working there. A so-called humorist on NPR said the world would be a better place if… Continue reading NPR: Broadcasting excellence

The New Feminism

Danielle Bean nails it: Palin is both widely popular and widely despised for the same reasons. Those of us who recognize, respect, and celebrate the unique God-given strengths of women — as nurturers, as relationship-builders, and as fierce protectors of children and other vulnerable human beings — find an inspiring role model in Sarah Palin.… Continue reading The New Feminism