Bishop Loverde: “Prayer and Fasting on March 15”

From the Bishop of the Diocese of Arlington to his flock: I invite you to take part in a day of prayer and fasting on Monday, March 15 for protecting the life, dignity, health and conscience rights of every human person in any legislation that Congress considers. I also invite Catholics to pray and fast… Continue reading Bishop Loverde: “Prayer and Fasting on March 15”

Pro-Life Outside The Mainstream

Good article on how the pro-life movement is bigger and broader than the media and political focus group stereotypes: The group most important to contradicting mainstream presumption, in my view, are pro-life Democrats. The progressive liberalism dominating the Democratic Party, which includes a rigid litmus test for being “pro-choice,” is a formidable challenge for the… Continue reading Pro-Life Outside The Mainstream

Obama: “…might have violated that pledge.”

Quoth President “Let me be clear” Obama: The last thing I will say, though — let me say this about health care and the health care debate, because I think it also bears on a whole lot of other issues. If you look at the package that we’ve presented — and there’s some stray cats… Continue reading Obama: “…might have violated that pledge.”

I ♥ Pope Benedict!

Damian Thompson: This is astonishing news. Pope Benedict XVI has created an entirely new Church structure for disaffected Anglicans that will allow them to worship together – using elements of Anglican liturgy – under the pastoral supervision of their own specially appointed bishop or senior priest. The Pope is now offering Anglicans worldwide “corporate reunion”… Continue reading I ♥ Pope Benedict!