Prayer request for Samuel

Steven Riddle’s little boy Samuel has been fighting a tummy bug all week, and was sick enough to require IV rehydration yesterday. Poor guy! (Poor mommy and daddy!) Please pray for his quick recovery.

Please pray for the victims of this horrific accident

I-95 Reopened After Truck Accident …a tank truck carrying flammable liquid plunged over a concrete barrier on a highway overpass in northeastern Howard County and landed in heavy traffic on Interstate 95…. …At least five vehicles were confirmed caught in the fiery wreck, which encompassed all four northbound lanes. Flames burned for more than three… Continue reading Please pray for the victims of this horrific accident

A small prayer request….

I came down with the flu yesterday. I don’t think it’s that dangerous kind; it’s just one of those viruses that cause discomfort way out of proportion to their real severity (“I’m not that sick, why do I feel so awful?”) so here it is, the last few days before Christmas, and I can hardly… Continue reading A small prayer request….