Please pray for Mrs Riddle

Steven writes that his wife is scheduled to be admitted to the hospital this afternoon, and asks for prayers for her — and for their little boy, who will probably be at least a little disconcerted by Mommy going to the hospital.

A Small Prayer Request

My husband is a driver for FedEx. He is currently what you call a “swing” courier. He is responsible for knowing all the other routes and filling in when others are out. It is good because it is a higher paid position and he is pretty far up in seniority in this position so he… Continue reading A Small Prayer Request

Grandma Update

I talked to my mom this morning. It sounds like Grandma’s fluid balance got way off and she developed pulmonary and pericardial edema (fluid around the lungs and heart.) She is responding well to treatment and is in excellent spirits — when my mom was getting ready to pick up some of her things from… Continue reading Grandma Update

Another Prayer Request

My sister called this morning to let me know that our 93-year-old grandmother is in the hospital. Apparently she had chest pain and shortness of breath. Our mother is with her, so perhaps she’ll be able to give us an update tonight or tomorrow. At this point, that’s all I know. Grandma still lives by… Continue reading Another Prayer Request