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7+1 Quick Takes (with Catholic Online update)



Oh dear — I’ve gone and done it. I’ve offered myself up to teach CCD. I’m hoping to find myself teaching Hambet and some of his crew, but we’ll have to see how it goes. Prayers and advice appreciated!


Today is a good day to start a Novena to the Holy Spirit:

O Lord Jesus Christ Who, before ascending into heaven did promise to send the Holy Spirit to finish Your work in the souls of Your Apostles and Disciples, deign to grant the same Holy Spirit to me that He may perfect in my soul, the work of Your grace and Your love. Grant me the Spirit of Wisdom that I may despise the perishable things of this world and aspire only after the things that are eternal, the Spirit of Understanding to enlighten my mind with the light of Your divine truth, the Spirit on Counsel that I may ever choose the surest way of pleasing God and gaining heaven, the Spirit of Fortitude that I may bear my cross with You and that I may overcome with courage all the obstacles that oppose my salvation, the Spirit of Knowledge that I may know God and know myself and grow perfect in the science of the Saints, the Spirit of Piety that I may find the service of God sweet and amiable, and the Spirit of Fear that I may be filled with a loving reverence towards God and may dread in any way to displease Him. Mark me, dear Lord with the sign of Your true disciples, and animate me in all things with Your Spirit. Amen.
Read more: http://www.ewtn.com/Devotionals/pentecost/seven_tx.htm#ixzz1OFQis1Lw


I haven’t heard any from Catholic Online yet. We did heard someone who’s asked Catholic Online similar questions about other articles, with no good answer. And on our Facebook page, another reader shared a couple of links about the company’s founder:
Bakersfield man accused of scamming in God’s name…
…and sues group of disabled nuns


“In praise of the narrow life”:

…”the more experiences, the better” is a philosophy I had to think about a little more. At first, I liked it. It sounded brave…. [But] the more I read this inspiring message in different forms, the more it didn’t sit right.
Risk more, have adventures, amass a collection of life experiences of variety and intensity. Run don’t walk, throw yourself into every new exploit, and at the end of your life, greet feeble old age with a kind of post-coital exhaustion, knowing that you have wrung out of life every drop of excitement you could.
It sounds exhausting. It does not sound peaceful. But more than that, when I think of the people I respect most in life, the people I most want to be like, this describes none of them.
When I think about it, the people I respect most are people who create peace. And they are almost always people who chose one path and followed it to the end, instead of exploring every branch.

Hat tip: Jen


Garden report! I’m tickled that so many people seem to be trying out square-foot gardening; a store around here was even selling kits for building the beds.
This has been our first spring in the new house and I was slow getting started. We don’t really have a good spot for a vegetable garden – at least, not all in one place. I set up a couple of whiskey-barrel planters and have been harvesting our first crop of spring mix. There are some sunny spots amid the flowering shrubs where I plan to stick some basil, rosemary, and a tomato plant. The big thing has been weeding, weeding, weeding – our sellers kind of let things go last year, and when we first moved in we had other projects that needed to come first. I’ve also been doing a lot of pruning, which is doing weird things to my mind; when I take the dog out for the evening walk, I find myself looking at every shrub and tree branch and thinking about where I’d make my first pruning cuts.


I have no idea what I’m going to make for supper tonight.


Would be grateful for your prayers for two intentions – I can’t go into specifics, but they involve healing in two different families.


DIY stink bug trap!

Peony’s Seven Quick Takes

Thanks to all those who send me kind words after my car accident. Looks like I’ll be driving that loaner for a few more weeks. Wondering what good God wants to bring out of this.
As I write, Hambet is trying to assemble some kind of Bionicle-type creature and is starting to pitch a fit. I am doing my best to ignore the fit.
On the President’s press conference: I tuned in just in time to hear his comments on tonsillectomies, red pills, and blue pills. My take: Whiskey Tango Foxtrot?! Mr President, if you don’t understand the problem, please don’t take it upon yourself to fix it.
I saw Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince last Saturday with my pal Iris. Slughorn (and his hourglass!) were great. Ron? TOO. FUNNY. Severe lack of Snape, though! I liked the way they set up the Sectumsempra scene but they should have shown the aftermath. I wish they’d done more with The Book and how Harry grew so fond of “the clever boy who had helped him so much.”. And with the ROR — how in the world is Harry going to find the diadem in movie 8?!
Google Chrome: It loads SO QUICKLY. Love it.
Crockpot happiness continues to elude me. I’d love to have crockpot Tuesday, but Tuesdays used to be chicken, and all the chicken recipes I’ve tried have been disappointing. The crockpot meal everyone loves is chili, and the tomatoes seem kind of repetitious after our usual Monday night spaghetti. Seems like everything I like best in the crockpot is either very time-consuming to prep, involves tomatoes, or both. Maybe I’ll try bean soup next Tuesday.
Funny how every hour of Adoration seems to go more and more quickly.

7 quick takes from Peony

1. I have been wanting to participate in Jen’s “7 Quick Takes Friday” for months. Months.
2. I haven’t been blogging because I haven’t had much to say and I haven’t had much time to read other blogs.
3. I got to try the Wii today. Now I want one. Maybe I’ll give one to my husband.
4. I have five pairs of scissors in my house. Each pair is labeled with its home (“kitchen”, “upstairs desk”, etc)
5. My resolution for 2009 is to keep a journal. The old-fashioned way, with a pen and paper.
6. I think I am going to make fish and polenta for supper tonight. Don’t know what Hambet’s going to eat.
7. I am looking forward to January 29, 2009.

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