Rosey Posey’s Mother Is Strange

I have to tell you their real names for a second, because this is funny. My daughter, Dree (short for Adrianna) is best friends with another home schooled girl named Bree (short for Brianne). Bree’s family owns a drive-in where Dree works the weekends. Since they work late into the night, Dree often ends up spending weekends at Bree’s house.
Here’s the catch: according to Dree and Bree, Bree’s house is haunted. Every once in a while Dree comes home with tales of odd lights or shadows. Last weekend apparently was quite and adventure for the two girls with all kinds of spooky events. Dree relayed them to me the tale in the hopes I would believe her. I did because similar things have happened in my grandmother’s haunted house. So I did what any Catholic mother in my place would do-I handed her a St. Benedict medal to keep with her if she is worried.
Bree was absolutely baffled that a medal with an exorcism prayer exists, and even worse, that Dree’s mom just happened to have one handy. (I don’t know, I think my mom has a wooden chest under her bed with all kinds of stuff like that…)
According to Dree, the conversation went as follows:
Bree: so did you tell your Mom about the incident with the ghosts at my house?
Dree: Yeah
Bree: Well, what did she say?
Dree: Um, nothing much, she gave me a St. Benedict exorcism crucifix.
Bree: silence…A what?!? What is that and there is such a thing?
Dree: explains to her what it is etc…
Bree: Well, what makes it special?
Dree: Well, it was blessed by a priest.
Bree: And what makes him special?
Dree: Well he was ordained.
Bree: What does missing body parts have to do with it?
Bree: Um, ordained doesn’t mean “missing body parts” does it?
Dree: No, Bree no.

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  1. ROFLOL!
    That’s great. “Ordained doesn’t mean ‘missing body parts’ does it?”
    I’ll definitely share this one with my wife.

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