I see I may have to start a chapter of the Society for the Appreciation of Lady Elaine Fairchilde. I thought she was the best!

From Mr. Roger's own website:

Lady Elaine is the curator of the Museum-Go-Round, a revolving building containing collections of everything from A - Z. This mischief-making impish woman is always getting into one thing or another, but that's often because she worries that she's not very lovable and needs attention. As an outspoken, opinionated character, she is generally the only one in Make-Believe who stands up to the King whenever he has made an unreasonable demand. And she often brings a lot of humor to Make-Believe.

She's organized. She's erudite. She's vulnerable, yet she stands up to tyrants. She speaks her own mind. She's witty. What's not to love?

If my nom de blog weren't Peony Moss, perhaps I'd want to be Lady Elaine....

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