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After 32 Years, Roe Remains a Lightning Rod (

Imagine! After 32 years, there are still benighted souls out there who think abortion is... wrong! Doesn't it remind you of those Japanese soldiers who fought in the jungles for 50 years after the peace treaty? It would be so... quaint, if it didn't hit so close to home and if they weren't messing up Monday's traffic so. Good thing this was on the first page of the Metro section, even though this is an issue of national interest drawing protestors from around the country. And that praying thing, it's just so creepy.


Some highlights from this article:
"My personal philosophy respects all life. It's as simple as that," said Phil Eddy, 22, of Albany, N.Y., who wore a button proclaiming, "No Abortion, No War, No Death Penalty."

Eddy, who is also a vegan and belongs to a national group known as Saving Arrows, which opposes killing, said he came to town to protest President Bush's inauguration and decided to stay for the antiabortion march.

They always have great representation from Albany. sigh

Inside the clinic, Jatrice Martel Gaiter, president and chief executive of Planned Parenthood of Metropolitan Washington, was strongly critical of what she called "ill-informed" protesters...
Gaiter said that abortion accounts for only 10 percent of Planned Parenthood's services. Most of its efforts, she stressed, are focused on providing birth control and emergency contraceptives as well as a variety of counseling services and tests for sexually transmitted diseases.

We are "ill-informed, yet she hands out abortion in pill form.

She said antiabortion demonstrators have become more aggressive during the Bush administration, particularly since his reelection. One protester tried to climb in Gaiter's car last weekend, she said.

Why don't I believe this? Yeah right! For what?
One client, a 25-year-old Capitol Hill resident who spoke on condition of anonymity for privacy reasons, said the escort helped.

The demonstrators "prayed and tried to give me rosaries," said the woman, who went to the clinic for an emergency contraceptive. "I wasn't intimidated, but the praying was a little bit creepy."

If it is "so right" why the need for anonymity? They want a society where sex is nothing more than common recreation like going roller skating, yet have you ever felt like "Shhh, I can't tell anyone I went roller skating last night."

Creepy praying. But the need for "emergency contraception" is not creepy at all. Infanticide is not creepy either I suppose.

I agree, the gyst of the article seems to be "why don't those nutty pro-lifers just go away already?"

I read that yesterday too. I like your comparison to the Japanese soldiers...that's funny. Yes, all Pro-lifers are isolated nuts who won't give up. That's why 200,000 march in the middle of January and the freezing cold and why the numbers are getting bigger...

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