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two sleepy mommies (you found us!)
assumption novena (thanks for the reminder: TODAY would be a good day to start)
ccli optivite prenatal vitamins ( -- it's on the sidebar.)
info on nick cannon's family (maybe you should just let them have their privacy)
2 sleepy mommies (you found us)
acidolphilis (looks like we're not the only ones who need to learn to spell acidophilus)
authentic arroz con gandules recipe (glad we could help)
boiling boneless chicken (I like it poached myself)
celestial sun glidden (Peony's kitchen: beacon of style)
christ be our light song lyrics (my parish has moved on to flog a new song to death)
creative memories magazine (It's excellent. I've got the scoop. Email me for details)
daycare syndrome (I think I'll leave that one alone)
dear mr.jesus song video on vh-1 (That was not something to love about the '80's)
episode where steve urkel gets folded up in bed (there must be some fan site out there. Oh, did you see when it happened on St Elsewhere?)
ewtn novena to honor our lady's assumption (
flylady daily emails (sign up on )
fugit hora (Alas, alas, how it does, particularly when surfing the Internet)


Yeah, I remember that St. Elsewhere episode (if I dug around long enough I could probably find it on BETA tape...) That was the fate of the cantankerous old Mrs. Hupfnagel, right? :)

acidolphilis (looks like we're not the only ones who need to learn to spell acidophilus)

Well, you know, they should pronounce it differently if they are going to spell it like that. It should be pronounced uh-SEET-O-FI-lus.

LOL, if only life were so easy..

Sure was, Ellyn. I still remember my stomach dropping with Luther's as he turned the corner into her room.

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