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yes, I'm messing with the template again. Question -- I'm using the out-of-the-box "Squash" and "Sakura" stylesheets from Moveable Type. The background color is supposed to be visible as stripes down the side of the page, but I can't see it in Firefox or IE6. Any suggestions?


Oh I hope you don't get rid of your little picture of the sleeping woman with her child. That's one of my favorites!

No idea, I use firefox, and I don't see any stripes either. Sometimes certain browsers don't support certain code, (or vice-versa) I know my homepage and my blog don't look the same on IE as they do on firefox. Unfortunately, it is often just trial and error to get something to work on both. (or to just not look so bad on one) I could ask my husband, he's a programmer, he might be able to suggest something.

It looks plain to me (no stripes), and I use whatever the heck the yahoo browser is.

Mama T, Yahoo would be your search engine, (like google or altavista etc...) what you use to look for stuff. The browser is the program you use to view stuff on the computer. IE actually stands for Internet Explorer. You might be using that, or Firefox, or America Online or Netscape. Those are the more common browsers. But whatever it is you are using, obviously the new background isn't working for you either.

I don't see anything either. But the pink is nice.

(I think my browser is Safari....but I'm not so sure.)

Nothing here either. Using IE6.

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