7 Quick Takes from Peony

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1. Michael Jackson: even his own funeral was a performance of sorts. And how did Rev. Sharpton get involved?

Anyway, MJ needed Christ and he needed a good psychotherapist. I hope he found at least One at the last minute.

2. Sarah Palin: OODA: "You have to decode the environment before [your opponent] does, act decisively, and then capitalize on his initial confusion by confusing him some more."

And what is intelligence, anyway?

"...I saw more stupid people in graduate school and three decades in academia than I ever did who ran 100 acres without going broke-and more of the latter whom I’d trust not to bankrupt the country and let down our defenses than of the former."

3. Caritas in Veritate: Haven't read it. Don't know when I'm going to read it, since I still haven't read the first two encyclicals.

4. My "books to read" stack is approaching 48 linear inches. I need... an intervention? Something.

5. Delightful: This podcast from Greg and Jennifer "The Catholics Next Door" Willits. Parents of "Star Wars" obsessed little boys will understand why I was laughing out loud.

6. Only a couple more weeks till the next Harry Potter movie! Though how they're going to manage the adaptation after omitting from the last movie that somewhat important part about (spoiler) Snape being a spy for the Order of the Phoenix -- seeing as Snape is one of the two TITLE CHARACTERS and all -- I do not know.

7. I made this the other night, with grilled peaches and grilled mushrooms. So at least with my husband, my stock is high.


Tried commenting before and comment got obliterated... grr...

Ditto on #3 and #6. The directors of Eragon made the same mistake. Don't know how they plan to make the movie Eldest.

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