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Thanks to all those who send me kind words after my car accident. Looks like I'll be driving that loaner for a few more weeks. Wondering what good God wants to bring out of this.


As I write, Hambet is trying to assemble some kind of Bionicle-type creature and is starting to pitch a fit. I am doing my best to ignore the fit.


On the President's press conference: I tuned in just in time to hear his comments on tonsillectomies, red pills, and blue pills. My take: Whiskey Tango Foxtrot?! Mr President, if you don't understand the problem, please don't take it upon yourself to fix it.


I saw Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince last Saturday with my pal Iris. Slughorn (and his hourglass!) were great. Ron? TOO. FUNNY. Severe lack of Snape, though! I liked the way they set up the Sectumsempra scene but they should have shown the aftermath. I wish they'd done more with The Book and how Harry grew so fond of "the clever boy who had helped him so much.". And with the ROR -- how in the world is Harry going to find the diadem in movie 8?!


Google Chrome: It loads SO QUICKLY. Love it.


Crockpot happiness continues to elude me. I'd love to have crockpot Tuesday, but Tuesdays used to be chicken, and all the chicken recipes I've tried have been disappointing. The crockpot meal everyone loves is chili, and the tomatoes seem kind of repetitious after our usual Monday night spaghetti. Seems like everything I like best in the crockpot is either very time-consuming to prep, involves tomatoes, or both. Maybe I'll try bean soup next Tuesday.


Funny how every hour of Adoration seems to go more and more quickly.


I have really bad luck with chicken in the crock. My best crock secret is cooking dried beans.

Pam, I'll have to sift your archives for recipes :)

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