Peony's Seven Quick Takes: Staging in Stages edition

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We are hoping to move locally -- looking for a garage and a neighborhood with more kids. So this week I've been trying to do some packing; we're going to put some of our books and furniture in storage so the house shows better.


The storage guys are coming tomorrow. Am I ready? Not quite.


I am feeling like I'm about ready to snap, though.


Hambet is on Spring Break. He wants SO MUCH to help. He wants to help by packing.


So why won't he pack his toys? Cheez Louise! "Put your K'nex into that box." "Make a display with your Legos." How does that translate into "tilt your parents' bookshelf forward to empty it into a Medium packing box and then tape the box up mummy-style"?


And now my husband is balking at the packing and the storage because he doesn't want the house to "look stagey."


It will all work out. It will all work out. It will all work out....

Bibliomania Bonus: Book crate count = around 16 or 17. I'm estimating another four or five will be needed for downstairs.


Tell the hubby -- stagey sells houses! People need to envision their STUFF in your house...yadda, yadda, yadda!

Praying for your success!


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