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Hey Girl.

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Ryan Gosling totally wants to hear all about your homeschool curriculum this year.

For all your Yoda and Darth Vader cookie and pancake needs.

I gave Hambet the Heroes and Villians cookie cutters for Christmas last year (which were purchased at a store and were not a promotional gift from Williams-Sonoma) and they were a huge hit. Darth Vader is kind of boring to decorate, though. Hambet preferred Boba Fett and I had a good time with Yoda.

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Kat wonders to which religious orders the Houses of Hogwarts correspond: Hufflepuff = Benedictines; does Ravenclaw = Dominicans or Jesuits?


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The Auteur and the Super Bowl

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NARAL: The Musical!

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With lyrics by Bob the Trousered Ape:

It started with a post at Drawin Catholic:
I'm darkly amused by the picture of a pro-abortion counter-protestor to the March For Life carrying a sign which says, "Won't Get Laid Without Roe v. Wade". Why, precisely, does the bearer think that anyone else should be worried by this?

In the comments, then, one Kyle R. Cupp opined, "Such rhythm, such rhyme! Her sign could start the chorus of a hit pop song."

Like waving catnip in front of a cat...

I’m a girl with great ambition,
Dreaming of a high position:
Who would date a quarterback, a movie star, a politician;
But they don’t get a chance
Of a glance
Into my pants
Unless they meet my one condition,Which is:
They don’t get laid,
No they don’t get laid,
They don’t get laid without Roe v. Wade!

An IM conversation from 2004

PeonyMoss: OT, this stinks, I am looking for web citations about that sappy space opera I like and am not finding much
PANSY: which opera?
PeonyMoss: Snow Queen, World's End, Summer Queen by Joan Vinge
:PANSY: oh
PeonyMoss: "space opera" -- soap operas in space
PANSY: I was thinking LaBoheme
PeonyMoss: Rudolf and Mimi are not in space to the best of my knowledge
PeonyMoss: but then it's been a while since I saw it
PANSY: lol, you haven't seen the latest version

Muram aries attigit

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Trust me, it's funny: a Florida lawyer explains to his counterpart exactly why settling out of court is the prudent option.

I am of the opinion that it is malpractice to file a libel suit without first serving a §770.01 demand, and any lawyer who does not even try to serve a §770.01 notice is quite simply, too mentally deficient to practice law....

Apparently, your client’s umbrage stems from my client’s tweets concerning your client. Below, I provide a reproduction of his Twitter posts from October 8, 2009 (when my client
had a confrontation with one of Route 60 Hyundai’s employees) until October 21, 2009,
when my client became bored with the subject....

And it just goes on from there. The letter concludes with the words Muram aries attigit.

As Political Glimpse explains:

The letter, which deserves to be read in full, concludes with the declaration that the customer intends to pursue counteraction according to the principle of muram aries attigit, which translates as “the ram has touched the wall.”

This refers to a Roman military policy toward cities the Romans placed under siege. The local authority would be told that, as a matter of policy, once the first battering ram touched the city wall, there would be no surrender accepted, no quarter and no mercy.

HT A Political Glimpse from Ireland via House of Erastosthenes.

Geoffrey Chaucer cracketh me uppe:

Ich wente up to bedde and sadlie closid my eyes, while Philippa burned our beste candles readinge of teenage sparklie vampyres. She was already on to the next oon, Compline....

In this fyne book of sparklie vampyres, Bella Cygne moveth from Essex to Yorkshyre to lyve with her fathir, who ys a sheriff and escheator.... Ther is considerablie moore sexual tensioun than in Piers Plowman.

Yt is reallie very good. Ich did reade al of Vespers, right through to Compline and ich have just startid Matins. This ys absolutelie the beste teenage sparklie vampyre love storye ich haue evir reade.

Making Babies: A Very Different Look at Natural Family Planning

But another reason for NFP's allegedly high success rate is that couples who use it are prepared to welcome children and so don't blame NFP for unexpected pregnancies. Four of my own five children came the NFP way -- that is, totally unexpectedly -- and that's a good thing, because without them bouncing in as surprises, excuses to delay (the sort of excuses one might hear from a recruit in parachute training) might have gone on for a very long time. As it is, in a mere matter of ten years, my wife and I assembled a complete basketball team. And if menopause doesn't strike my wife soon, who knows what sort of team we might assemble.
Rather than bite one's nails to the quick at the prospect of baby number ten -- which, if one marries in one's early 20s and practices NFP, is a definite possibility -- we should encourage the attitude of the more the merrier, which is a far more attractive case to make than all the goo-goo language about how NFP helps couples "communicate" and about the joy of charting temperatures and discharges and plotting one's conjugal acts as a captain might chart a course for his ship.

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